Re: Are guns extropian?

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><< I'm concerned about who decides the sick from the healthy, for
> Trent Lot considers homosexuals "sick" but a many people do not share his
> views, but Mr. Lot is in a position of some power and he can influence
> the content of laws to enforce his view of illness or at least stop bills

Who decides? Well, Psychologists and Psychiatrists do and summarize the findings of their empirical research analysis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Version IV. Granted, when the DSM-III first came out (late 80's?) homosexuality was still classified as a mental disorder, but that error has been corrected. This Manual is revised every several years, not annually and changes are not considered lightly. Point being, that if an anti-gay bill is introduced relying on the presumtion that being gay is being mentally ill, the opponents of the bill have a much stronger position. Easier for bigots to use the religious argument I would think.