Re: how to get ahead in this world

Michelle Jones (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 17:43:13 -0700

John Heritage wrote:

> (I'm making a bet that i can pull > 1 G in the first 60 feet of the track
> with a friend, and he believes it is completely impossible for a street car
> w/slicks to accomplish this)...

you are right john, it is possible to exceed 1 g acceleration on levelpavement, but its kind
of a trick: the dragster spins the tires in chlorox to melt them a little and make them sticky. if a car were to pull exactly one g for the quarter mile, it would make a time of
9.083 seconds at a final speed of just over 180. top dragsters are down in the under 6 second range and god knows how fast they are going at the finish line these days, i think mid 200s.

stock motorcycles are down in the low 10s now, thats stock, no spinning the tires in bleach,
no specialty tires. my bike will pull a power wheelie in 2 gears, but this kind of behavior is way
non extropian and juvenile, so i blush a little, then do it anyway... {8^D spike

ps: i am an organ donor, and have considered the possibility of a full body donation to some unfortunate head in the event of my untimely demise in a murdercycle related mishap...