Re: Room temperature superconduction in carbon fiber? Or the

John Heritage (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 13:45:41 -0400

>If it's real and can taken literally, it should be of great interest.
>Most likely they've goofed, or the effect is much less general than they've
>described. If you put a negative R into the solutions of a standard RLC
>curcuit equation (which I'm staring at at the moment), you get exponential
>growth in current. So at the very least this effect must be valid only
>within a limited current range. And by P = I^2 R, this would seem to be
>an energy source, which could only work for a limited time.

Why would negative resistance have to INCREASE the energy? Because if it "pulls" the energy to the other side, it's actually increasing the
energy ? I wonder if the cable degrades over time, decreasing it's "negative resistance" characteristic...?


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