Re: Good license plates :-)

Dan Clemmensen (
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 22:40:54 -0400 wrote:
> along similar we have among us any whose entrepenurial savy
> has produced bumper stickers....maybe some t-shirts?
> i'd wear 'em.

  1. get access to a color ink-jet printer
  2. purchase some EPSON iron-on transper paper
  3. purchase 2 plain white cotton or cotton-polyester T-shirts
  4. download some extropian art
  5. follow the instructions in the pack of transfer paper to make two extropian T-shirts.
  6. wear one. Send the other to the artist ;-)

If you need paper or T-shirts, call Epson at 800 922 8911. Unfortunately, these neanderthals don't have the paper or T-shirts on their web site. The T-shirts are completely standard Hanes Beefy T-shirts, and AFAIK just about anything will work. The paper's stock number is SE41001