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Tue, 07 Jul 1998 16:09:39 -0700

Check out the MoQ (Metaphysics of Quality) work of R. M. Pirsig. A web search on the phrase "subjects, objects, data and values" should turn up something.

The metric you mention is mentioned, but subordinated.


At 14:34 7/7/98 -0500, Bradley Felton wrote:
>Actually, there is one objective metric available, one which we are
>currently being judged against, and which our ancestors have all been held
>accountable to: reproductive success. This is the only bedrock that I know
>of upon which to build a rational ethics. It doesn't meet your
>generalization principle, which is to say that the generalization principle
>doesn't deal well with reality....
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Amen. But they're (pace Frank) *not* poor unfortunate victims of systems beyond their control. At least I'm not, any more. Thanks in part to vaccinations from FZ.

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