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>In the first iteration, you can simply use existing communication
>cellular, two-way pagers, wire telephony and the Internet (soon from
>the skies?), overlaying them with a crypted higher-order protocol
>(heck, even using ssh or its free GNU clone would suffice just now).

>Afaik encryption is not tolerated in HAM circles, so using existing
>packet radio infrastructure won't be possible. Of course things like

>that will be down in course of a true calamity, so a minimal backup
>capability will be certainly necessary. (This is always assuming the

>calamity is serious, but transient. In case of quantitative
>there is obviously little need to maintain connectivity).

All ham transmissions are required to be in clear, or in encoding that is easily decoded by anyone who cares to listen in. Any use of the ham bands for commercial purposes, or in some countries, to allow third parties who are not licensed, is prohibited. In the US, it's also illegal to use the radio to avoid a long distance phone call if the long distance is right there and useable. Kind of takes all the reason out of becoming a ham, in my book - but that part of the law is mostly ignored by hams and rarely enforced by Uncle Charlie..

>You talked about spread-spectrum cellular, which sounds very
>Quite a time ago on this list networking-relevant results of Stu
>Kauffman's work were mentioned: there is a minimal, low connectivity
>which a randomly connected net experiences a phase transition into a
>single contiguous domain. PV-driven (supercapacitor-buffered?) cheap

>spread-spectrum cellulars (think about NEMP when designing these!)
>capable of routing TCP/IP(ng) should be of considerable interest
>to the mainstream wireheads as cheap, low-bandwidth/long-latency
>Internet infrastructure. If enough enthusiasts will be operating
>(difficult to make such a movement supercritical: you need a
>cheap available kit and a minimal density to make the coverage
>useful for anything), you'll have an alternative communication
>infrastructure. Microwave and line-of-sight diode laser links
>could be also useful.
>Albeit this is ridiculous to contemplate just now, lauching your
very own
>LOSL palmtop relays into LEO should become not too expensive in a
few decades.

If you can afford it, space on commercial launch vehicles is just around the corner. If your satellites get annoying to Uncle, he may want to test out his shiny new Star Wars laser you just paid for with your taxes, though..Most likely you will need to get SOME government's permission to put anything into orbit through legal means.

If the Soviets could get Sputnik into orbit in 1957 using 1940's tech, it's conceivable that some suitably encouraged private parties could at present throw together a LEO launch vehicle and get it up without governmental interference..

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