Re: Guns and Transhumans (Was:The End of Privacy ?)
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 09:27:48 EDT

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<< Also, you have a population that has
suffered through two world wars (while they ignore that Switzerland, a country
where every household is armed, did not suffer thus), that ought to make any right
thinking descendant of the peasants/serfs a little phobic of arms of all types,
while they ignore the fact that the reason they were so easily conquered by agressor nations is that their governments had policies of requiring registration
of firearms, which made it that much easier to locate and confiscate the firearms
that were held by the 'deviant' members of the population when the nogoodniks marched into town.>>

That's just not true. The Soviet Union, which of course had enormously restrictive gun control laws, was hardly an easy prey to any aggressor. To say that mandatory gun registration makes a nation an easy target is to simply ignore many other far more relevant defense factors.