Re: FYI:GOV - Your Papers, Please?
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 14:46:04 EDT

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<< > at least be issued an ID. I don't however think that you should be required
> to carry it when, say, taking a stroll around the neighborhood.

Xactly. You _will_ wind up in jail for a day if failing to produce appropriate credentials in Moscow, Russia. (I don't carry my passport, and s >>

You can be arrested or as the police phrase it "detained" in this country for not carrying an ID..If a law enforcement official stops you for whatever reason and asks for your ID and you have none he/she has the power to detain you, bring you into the station house, fingerprint you. These laws are known as vagrancy laws and include such items as being charged with vagrancy if one does not have at least $10.00 in cash, or some other ready source of money. (ATM card, credit card, travellers check..) Not all of the variations are on the books in all states, but if you think you can take a midnight stroll down the boardwalk with out carrying ID, you might be in for a rude surprise.