Re: Overpopulation

Henri Kluytmans (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 19:34:42 +0200

> >4. Won't extended lifespans cause overpopulation problems?
>Probably not.

It is not extended lifespans that cause overpopulation but ONLY THE EXPONENTIAL GROWTH THROUGH REPRODUCTION.

Here are some arguments against overpop caused by immortality :

  1. When there is exponential growth this will result in overpopulation anyway, WITH or WITHOUT immortality of the preceding generation, because in both cases the growth will remain exponential. So in both cases a population limit on Earth will be reached, however in the first case only some 30 years earlier.
  2. There is still sufficient living room on the Earth. The present limiting factor is not lack of room but the production of food and raw materials. New technologies will result in ever more raw materials (and also food) per head in the future. In the future, in principle there could be room on Earth for more than a 100 billion people. Overpopulation is only a function of technology.
  3. Emigration to outer space will be utilized in the future. In space the human population could continue exponential growth for a long time.
  4. In general it holds that when populations are getting more prosperous its reproduction rate decreases.

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