Re: 1 g acceleration?

Brent Allsop (
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 09:29:47 -0600

John K Clark <> replied:

> > (Randall R Randall)
> >Er? Why would one part of space undergo a different transformation?

> Because only one part of space is directly ahead of your path of
> motion. If you went fast enough it would look like you were
> traveling down a pipe with the entire universe crammed into a little
> circle of light in front of you, the faster you went the smaller the
> angular size of the circle. Damien's right.

Not quite a literal bounded "circle". It's simply warped. That which is directly behind you would remain behind you no matter how fast you go wouldn't it? That which would appear 10 degrees away from behind your direction of motion at rest would continually warp more and more toward directly in front of you as you approached the speed of light right? I guess at the speed of light, everything but that which was directly behind you would be directly (as in a point, not a "circle") in front of you? But isn't this simply due to "aberration" of light (as in it looks like rain is falling horizontal if you are moving fast enough?) rather than actual transformation/warping of space?

Brent Allsop