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Subject: Overpopulation (was: Re: A good short honest FAQ but very bad PR)

>At 09:11 PM 7/5/98 -0700, JKC wrote:
>> >4. Won't extended lifespans cause overpopulation problems?
>>Probably not.
>Why not? I'm struggling to deal with this topic in my book abt prolonged
>longevity, and I don't know what to think

There is a lot of things pointing in that direction.

  1. Basically well-educated people get fewer kids. People living for a LONG time will most likely be well educated.
  2. Rich people gets fewer kids.
  3. People living for a long time will be wise/intelligent enough to not have too many kids.
  4. People who expects to live for a long time will get their kids a lot later. They will wait until they are well of and can take 10-20 years out of their schedule to take care of the kids. Thus slowing down the reproductive cycle.
  5. People having kids that have kids that have kids and so fort, make the populace grow at an exponential rate. People having a lot of kids but at a slower rate doesn't grow the populace nearly as fast.

Well these are some reasons at least.


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