Re: A good short honest FAQ but very bad PR
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 00:33:49 EDT

>2. Won't transhuman technologies make us inhuman?

Inhuman, maybe, but not inhumane. Life is still a survival of the fittest. Our weaknesses force us to war and compete, rape natural habitats and

considering our disposability engage in all sorts of dispicable acts.     We
live and die as animals, but dream like gods.     Isn't it better to aspire
for the latter ?

>3. Isn't death part of the natural order of things?

And so is famine, disease and extinction. Should we shut down all hospitals and research centers to let life play itself out un-naturally ?

>4. Won't extended lifespans cause overpopulation problems?

The universe is abundant in resources. The development of transhuman technologies assumes the development and manipulation of relative resources. That's part of it, otherwise it simply wouldn't work.