Re: Re: Dodge City
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 17:27:10 EDT

In a message dated 7/5/98 12:04:24 PM, retroman wrote:

>Yes. In a situation between criminal and victim, the victim always knows who
>criminal is (he's the guy thats trying to kill or rob you), while a police
>officer is trained to go into a scene expecting everyone to be the bad guy.

yes, I tend to agree - I disagree that all gun carrying people would only shoot "bad guys" - that's a hoot.
Hell, maybe I have just watched too much TV.. but I think people in general- armed for protection - would be far more responsible with guns (at least per capita- I don't have the "data" on this but I remember reading something in the seventies - a researched psychological profile about cops that suggested they weren't the best socially balanced individuals.)
Plus the cops- just like the FBI and the Army, have their "good ol boy" routine - and a system of dont tell - they hold themselves above the laws and the citizenship and aren't as responsible for their actions as a private citizens
(defending themselves) would be...

So we better hope not only feds have guns!!

This does not mean I support an agenda that gun-activists seem to - which is "more guns per capita" - I am still "anti-gun" - and would like to live in a gun-free society - and I will never buy a gun under the social conditions and safety I enjoy here in Los Angeles (yeah yeah you wimps prolly think it's dangerous, hear - go on, I was born in NYC - and guns don't have much effect on fires, landslides or earthquakes).

Still, I 100% support the right to own one, in fact you better - if you live in a war zone like East LA or Harlem - or even if you feel that way inclined, even them good ol boy redneck racist fellas that like the NEA boys.

They gotta find some way to feel safe while their little freakshow of white suburban America disolves...