Re: Creationists

davelook (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 21:33:16 -0400

>In a message dated 98-06-26 17:17:02 EDT, you write:
><< On of the tenets of deism/theism is that god
> created the natural laws of the universe, and stood back from there. To
> interfer with those laws once they had started running would be to destroy
> independence of that creation. >>
>AH. Now I'm learning things. :-) I don't want to beat this thread to
>( I know, we already have.) so I won't continue the line unless you'd like
>discuss it further via personal mail. I'd probably learn more, so that'd
>fine with me. This idea, that god created, then stepped back to observe,
>not one I've really heard much about. I'd certainly be interested in
>elses thoughts on this aspect.
>And if you've more to add, by all means drop me a personal line.
>Thanks for your thoughts, Cori

I think religion is BS and don't believe in god like they talk about it, but I do wonder if the universe is some sort of "cellular automata" set in motion by some intelligence.