Re: The End of Privacy ?

Bryan Moss (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 14:30:14 +0100

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> [...] outside B-movies few people are really out
> to destroy the world. Psychologically speaking,
> one should maybe look at people with
> persecution/revenge complex combined with severe
> megalomania, but that usually tends to result in
> mailbombs rather than anthrax epidemics.
> However, the group dynamics and memetics of the
> Japanese doomsday sect should instill some
> caution - it would make a perfect study object
> of the kind of crazies to look out for.

I think the Japanese doomsday sect (Ohm?) is particularly interesting. AFIAK it was
co-ordinated by one man (the leader, forget his name) who used some quite ingenious "brainwashing" techniques. Japanese investigators found that he used a system of voice synthesis to alter his own voice in a way that "imprinted" ideas on his followers. I don't know the specifics, or quite how feasible this is, but along with the drugs and electroshock therapy it seemed to work.