Re: The End of Privacy ?

Anders Sandberg (
01 Jul 1998 17:58:25 +0200 writes:

> Anders Sandberg [] wrote:
> >True. But today a moderately educated crazie can buy enough ammonium
> >nitrate to blow up a block or two.
> And the fact that few do is strong evidence that the crazy threat is
> vastly overstated.

Sigh. You still miss my point: even very rare crazies with sufficiently powerful weapons are a problem. It is a simple product: population * proportion of crazies using big weapons * tech level = amount of damage done. I don't think crazies are a major problem today, but they might very well be in the future if the conditions are right.

> >Tomorrow he might buy an assembler
> >kit and release industrial strength disassemblers in the watru
> >supply.
> And if you're relying on keeping assemblers out of their hands as a
> 'defence' you will die when they get one. If, like me, you're building
> real effective defences you'll live.

Did you read my analysis in my first post in this thread at all? I did point out that limiting access to many such technologies is hard or impossible. I also pointed out that it isn't given that a defense exists against all technologies, although this is still unsettled.

> >I think you miss my point in this thread: there is a real problem is
> >certain technologies of mass destruction become too available and
> >there are no good ways of protecting from them or avoiding them.
> But there are; I've given you the most effective defence against every
> single one of them: don't be there when it happens. I'm talking about
> living in reality, Brin and others are playing S&M fantasy games.

In order to convince me that you are really realistic, you better convince me that you can get personal off-world capability before the risk posed by crazies with big guns becomes severe.

I'm really trying to clarify the issue, rather than propagate any favorite political memes. Let's try to do some risk assessments based on facts and reasonable extrapolations.

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