Re: has the "extropian" agenda changed? - please advise

den Otter (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 10:52:58 +0200 wrote:

> What became of the "former" extropians list. All that seems to be "in the
> mill" is
> chat between a few members about various personal subjects.

Yes, and that kind of chit-chat is important for community forming, right Anders? ;-)

> My original interest in the "exptropians" was the technical / scientific
> postings,
> as in events, recently published papers, and items of interest in regards to
> the "original" aspects of extropian related developments.
> Is this now no longer the case???

There has been a split. This is the public list where (almost) anything goes. Purely extropian chat on a "select" list requires ExI membership.

> I have no interest whatever in chit-chat and personal debates . . .
> but I do very much respect the original thematic trajectory of what the
> extropian organisation had as an agenda.
> Has this changed?
> Please advise accordingly.

What agenda?

Anyway, you might want to check out the transhumantech mailing list (has only the tech stuff, no chat) or "filtered extropians" which has only the best postings. See