Re: Cryo & life insurance (Was: Re: practical extropy)

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 15:14:23 MDT

At 01:46 PM 9/23/01 -0400, Alex wrote:

>Cool. Pleased to meet you. I too an am applied Extropian, b/c I'm in a
>research lab working on antioxidant enzyme expression (sod2) and how
>it can apply to the problem of aging. I'd like to also become an
>applied Extropian of the cryonics variety, so I'd like to take this
>opportunity to ask if anybody knows of any cryonics arrangements that
>do *not* require you to make them the *owner* of your life insurance
>policy? Beneficiary is no problem, obviously, but if one has group
>insurance, one cannot transfer ownership, it looks like.

I'm sure that when I signed up, I did not make Alcor the owner of my
policy. I believe I am the owner, and Alcor the beneficiary. If for some
reason I cannot be suspended, I have other arrangements for the
beneficiaries of my policy. However my contract was completed over a
decade ago, and I'm not sure if I remember correctly or I just think this
is correct. I'll call my insurance co, and let you know off list.

I don't know about group insurance.


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