Re: The poisoned tree, was Re: Argument From Authority

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 19:46:48 MDT

Olga: Sorry, didn't mean to suggest you had any hidden agendas; that
comment was only meant to refer to the recent spate of posts taken
from websites that Harvey determined to have suspect origins.

I don't have anything to say about the slipperiness of your words,
either. :) OK?


> > I wasn't so much baiting Harvey as trying to look into the issue of
> > "right, for the
> > wrong reasons"--which I think is especially important when people are
> > using slippery
> > words along with hidden agendas.
> I have no hidden agendas: (1) I put my money on the scientific method; (2)
> I'm an avowed infracaninophile.
> Olga

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