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Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 00:53:03 MDT

It appears as if Zero Powers <> wrote:
|Why not? I am black. I am speaking up. As if it matters.

Don't try o fool us. We all know you are a pinko. {8-]

In this day and age, when a human can change its physical appearance
as well as skin and hair colours, it seems rather irrelevant to have
a hang-up on any of these properties of any human, except for those
who lack the monetary means to change them, as they only can use the
builtin methods of creating a scion, and thus must consider the colour
information in their mates' genes (if they wish to exercise any control
over the colour of their scions, of course).

Summary: Yawn.

Here at the HAL-2001 (Hackers At Large <URL:>),
Vaughan Bell <> held yesterday a talk on "Hacking
the Brain: From Reverse Engineerng to Optimisation". Slides available
at <URL:>.

He concentrated on the input of glucose, oxygene, and B-vitamins to
optimise the cognitive circuits of the brain, after first introducing
the field of cognitive neuroscience.

A 50g glucose drink increased the cognitive throughput after a delay
of 30 minutes, and panned out after approximately one hour.

Oxygene 30s to one minute before learning something increased the
learning, but not the retrieval of the learned information.

I believe the exact scientific references exist in the slides.

Many Extropians would surely have felt much of the talk to been old hat,
but introduced the field nicely to newcomers.

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[Misc: I have seen one guy with wearable setup (LiquidImage M1 and Twiddler),
       and another with a wearable web camera on his head. Standard setup
       seems to be a laptop, and a number of traditional tower PCs and CRTs.
       Lots of folk pack various mobile hardware, phones and PDAs.]

       /kpj (of the colour frozen blue)

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