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Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 09:30:15 MDT

At 02:18 PM 8/10/01 +0200, Felix wrote:

>(snip) There are many other transhuman technologies that are permanent
enough enhancements to make them more than mere 'tools'. For example, the
mobile phone gives you permanent personal enhancements of your
communication capabilites. Implanting it in your body would perhaps be more
sexy or geeky, but would provide modest improvements, as such, over the
present technology. Moreover, many, if not most, enhancements are
sociological, not technological. For example the invention of insurance has
given people permanent and personal power to recover from what would
otherwise be devastating disasters. Most critical on the path toward

Yes, I agree with you, but I refer to these as significant events that take
place in order to make transhumanity possible by and through humanity's
desire to communicate better.


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