Re: Enoughness, was Re: Vicious Racism

From: Charles Hixson (
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 09:20:46 MDT

Miriam English wrote:
> ...
> My girlfriend is part Fijian. I was amazed when I found out she agreed
> with the Fijian coup and the move to discriminate against Fijians of
> Indian descent. There didn't seem to be any way to convince her that
> restrictive laws based soley upon race are unfair and dangerous. All she
> saw was the traditional Fijian culture being swamped by the Indian Fijians.
> Of all the stupid, arrogant isms we humans create, racism has to be one
> of the ugliest. I am so glad it seems to be a dying meme. I can hardly
> wait till we get lifespans exceeding hundreds of years so that people
> can finally get a chance to truly grow up. It is an exciting thought
> that it may well be soon.
> Best wishes,
> - Miriam

Of all of the justifications of racism that I have ever encountered, "We
were here first, and they (the newcomers) are despoiling our land /
customs / lifestyle." has to be the most reasonable.

Charles Hixson

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