Re: Enoughness

From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 19:32:31 MDT

> > "Olga Bourlin" <> wrote:
> > > [T]he
> > > usefulness of asking if there are any black people on this list is
> > > about as useful as asking if there are any white people on this list -
> > > still wouldn't tell you very much, would it?

> Michael Wiik wrote:
> >
> > I don't recall there ever being a self-identified black person on this
> > list. I haven't noticed any yet participating in this race discussion.
> > If there are black people on this list, it would be a shame if they felt
> > they could not reasonably participate.

Mike Lorrey wrote:
> I know a few of them. A few have made comments in the past about whites
> arguing about racism as the proverbial three blind men and an elephant.

Oh, piffle. There is no "black (representative) person" anymore than there
is a "white (representative) person" (although there are individuals, with
diverse cultures, histories and socioeconomic backgrounds). Besides, we're
talking "attitudes" and "issues" here, not "speaking for ..." anyone or any
culture in particular.

A few years ago I remember reading something attributed to Spike Lee, about
how only a "black" director could really direct a "black" film. Oh, yeah?
Any "black" director v. any "white" director? Can an recent Ethiopian
immigrant ("black" director) direct a "black" American film any better than,
say, an Italian-American director who may have lived all his life in a
predominantly black community? :-\


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