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Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 00:18:55 MDT

On 8/4/01 10:09 PM, "Spike Jones" <> wrote:
> We could even make the dry paintballs out of some material that
> would be devoured by the local fauna, so the greens would not
> get to upset with us. Make them with a shell like on M+Ms with
> powdered sugar inside or something.
> ps: Anyone who wants to apply for a patent on enviro-friendly
> dry paintballs, go right ahead with my blessing. But Im pretty sure
> bvildings were patented about 100 years ago. s

Good quality paintballs actually contain a mixture of dye and soap that will
quickly fade in UV and are very soluble in water, but it is a lot harder to
clean up if you let the stuff bake on for a couple months. They are
completely non-toxic and biodegradable, being manufactured out of exactly
the same gelatin used to package pharmaceuticals. Paintball manufacturing
is actually done as a lucrative sideline business for companies that make
liquid gel capsules (it doesn't really exist as a separate business),
replacing the medicine with the dye solution.

Chalk filled munitions have already been invented, and for small arms, they
are called Simunitions, and can be fired out of real guns. They are
frequently used for police training.

The military has been using chalk munitions for years in all sorts of
projectile launching devices. I vividly remember trying to chalk
jackrabbits with grenade launchers. It is essentially impossible to hit one
(I never saw it done), but if you are lucky you can powder it up real well.
Pink rabbits really *do* exist...

-James Rogers

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