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>Ever see the movie 'The Siege', with Denzel Washington? I thought it was
>pretty amazing since there was no reference whatsoever in the film to
>the fact that Denzel's character was black. As far as black/white
>relations go, the film was raceless. Anybody know any other (American)
>films with such racelessness?

Not all of these will qualify, but I'll wager that more than half of them do.

Samuel L. Jackson:

Rules of Engagement
Deep Blue Sea
The Negotiator
The Phantom Menace

Morgan Freeman:

The Shawshank Redemption
Chain Reaction
Kiss the Girls
Along Came a Spider
Hard Rain
Deep Impact
Nurse Betty

Denzel Washington:

The Pelican Brief
Crimson Tide
Courage Under Fire
The Bone Collector

Lawrence Fishburne:

Searching For Bobby Fischer
Bad company
Event Horizon
The Matrix

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