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From: Al Villalobos (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 16:17:21 MDT

Holy Stinkin Cow, Batman! Guess I should've put on my helmet and flak jacket
after I posted my message(Which Mr Newsrtom edited; there was a legitimate
question in there, the reference he flipped out about was just that,a
reference for my question)

By posting that link, did you think I meant to endorse the website it was on
and all other documents contained therein? C'mon! The references within THAT
document seem, for the most part, to come from the FBI UCR and other federal
sources, just like the other links I included which, taken together, support
each other (those would be the ones you snipped out in your reply)

To everyone else: Please read my original post in its entirety, consider,
and respond (ideally to the stated question)

(Helmet and flak jacket now firmly in place)

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Subject: RE: Fred Reed - The Dave Barry of Racists

Al Villalobos wrote,
> I insted found a summary of that document here:
> about the racial demographics of crime.

Do you realize that this is a white supremacist site? Look at the top level
and click down the areas listed on the left. He has archives with literally
hundreds if not thousands of articles giving racist views about race, hate
crimes, immigration, diversity, communism, slavery, Africa, the holocaust,
Palestine, B'nai B'rith, etc.

Do you realize that it is a front for a white supremacist organization?
His "Join Us" link <> lists their
five goals:
        1. "White Living Space"
        2. "An Aryan Society"
        3. "A Responsible Government" ("wholly committed to the service of
race") <>
        4. "A New Educational System" ("passing on the European heritage")
        5. "An Economic Policy Based on Racial Principals"

Do you realize that the article itself was fabricated by another racist
The New Century Foundation <> has the
following issues on their home page:
        "Race, Evolution, and Behavior"
        "The Color of Crime" <>
        "Frank Borzellieri Speaks the Truth"
        "Racial Percentages of the U.S. Population"
        "Racial Profiling" <>
        "Return to the Dark Ages" <>
        "Southern Africa Report" <>
        "Zebra Killings" <>
        "Hal Turner Show on Black Reparations"
        "Queen Latifah Show on Racial Profiling"
        "Visit the VDARE site" <>
        "It's Race, Stupid" <>
        "Race Debate Hits Campus" <>

Are you really trying to present these references as sources of unbiased
scientific statistics?

Harvey Newstrom <> <>

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