Re: Fred Reed - The Dave Barry of Racists

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Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 14:09:14 MDT

From: "Alex F. Bokov" <>
> Maybe, but I doubt it will ever convince anybody who doesn't already
> think reparations are silly. Therefore, not memetically effective.

Tragically, you're probably right.

> The essay was racist, by the way, because it insinuated that African
> Americans steal bicycles,

It recounted the author's experience (an exercise known to be racist by all
objective observers, obviously). Sensible readers would not conclude that
African Americans do _not_ steal bicycles would they? (Well, they might, if
they hit their foreheads hard with a mallet.)

> where in fact everybody knows it's the Irish
> who steal bicycles.

Indeed! The Irish are the worst of all bicycle thieves, as well as the most
egregious racists.

> African Americans specialize in stereo equipment.
> Russians specialize in software piracy and trolling mailing
> lists. This Reed guy should have gotten his facts straight before
> going off on his rant.

That is for sure. I will email him immediately to inform him that we all await
an apology, recanting this extremist statements, and making reparations to Al
Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Johnny Cochran, et al.

> Finally, as far as accusations of racism go, you're not the one who
> should be worried. The ones who should be worried are the legitimate
> victims of discrimination, because every time somebody cries wolf,
> it dilutes the credibility of valid accusations. Squandering the
> heavy memetic firepower over the slightest provokation is a major
> weakness of the Left Wing, as is tarring all their adversaries with
> the same brush.

"Left Wing"? Oh, you mean those socialist racists. I get it.

Stay hungry,

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