Re: Does the extro-list interfere with your personal life?

From: Stirling Westrup (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 06:04:23 MDT

John Grigg wrote:

> Stirling Westrup amazed me with:

>> I'm in major catch-up mode, I print my whole extropians mail spool as a
>> 500-page book, double sided, condensed down 4 pages per sheet and read
>> it while commuting.

> Damn!, you do impress me with your dedication to stay current! I wonder
> what methods other people on the list have? I tend to print out my
> favorite posts, stuff them in my coat, and reread them as I get the
> opportunity. lol The extra insulation helps keep me warm.

Well, I like to stay current on the latest scientific breakthroughs with
signifigant potential for impact. Until the advent of the transhumantech
mailing list, this was *the* best place for it.

> I also wonder... How many of you have significant others who get
> irritated(or just plain angry!) about all the time spent reading and
> replying to the extrolist? Please fill me in here.

My significant other was sufficiently curious about the things I told her
I was reading here, that she joined the list. <waves!>

Of course, she's something special...

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