RE: When Taxation Might be Necessary

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 17:44:24 MDT

James Rogers writes

> Generally, if people aren't willing to defend their property and lives
> against an invading force, then those things weren't worth defending in the
> first place.

It is seldom so simple as "the people".

> Forcing people to do anything for any purpose is a giant red
> flag that what you are trying to do is violating a central tenet of value
> economics.

Very, very true.

> The War for Independence in the United States was accomplished
> in large part because ordinary people decided it was a worthwhile cause for
> which they were willing to expend substantial effort and put their lives at
> substantial risk. And that wasn't a fight against an evil invading force,
> it was a mere petition for independence.

For what it's worth, about one-third of the free people of the
colonies were patriots, one-third were tories, and one-third
didn't care. The assets of known tories were often seized
during the revolution. (I'm not expressing any opinion about that.)


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