The Ones Who Stick Their Heads Up

From: Phil Osborn (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 17:55:56 MDT

Just to let everyone know that I'm still alive...

For some reason, the quality of posts here seems to have declined over the past year or so. I check in every week or two and sample the ones that look interesting, but there are that many. Wonder why...

Some random thoughts and observations:

First: a reason to worry... Lo-tech gangsters in S. America have for many years - long before roofies, etc. - used scopalomine as an aid to kidnappings. Typically a businessman wakes up in a cab and discovers that he's missing the last three days. When he gets home, he discovers that he's missing a lot more. His safe is cleaned out together with his bank accounts. His stock portfolio has been sold, etc. I've read that this has reached epidemic proportions in some major cities. Any reason why it can't be happening here?

Well, of course, it already is, with hundreds of women (and, no doubt, men, given the gay contingent) drugged with various easily available date-rape mixes, usually for sexual purposes, but certainly not sex alone. In Orange County, according to one report in the Register some time ago, some 40,000 people claimed to have been abducted by aliens. Now, my guess is that (1) the reporting was based on lousy sampling, (2) a lot of these people were lying or crazy, and (3) some of them may have been subject to the kind of hallucinatory episodes that Jaynes describes in "The Origins of Consciousness..." I really don't thing that there were any actual alien abductions involved, in case anyone is wondering. However, given all that noise in the signal, it would be very easy to mask some other happenings, such as interrogating those individuals who might have key data regarding events that needed to be investigated or covered up, without the individuals ever realizing that they had been interrogated. Think about

Haven't you ever awoken with a woozy feeling that something happened the night before, but you just can't bring it into focus? I certainly have. And I was involved in some really large scale stuff back in the '70's that got the direct personal attention of the State Department, among others. Starting in the mi-80's, I had recurring dreams - at least remembered as dreams - of being interrogated by men in suits. Anyone else???

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