CryoProtect: surveillance and alert system for cryonics

From: Tiberius Gracchus (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 11:06:15 MDT

I have just begun a project that I have wanted to work on for a long
time. Last night I gathered the first data for a rudimentary
surveillance and alert system for cryonicists. This system would use
the very inexpensive x10 home automation devices (such as motion
sensors) hooked up to a personal computer, which could run a program
to monitor movement patterns, and then go online and alert other
cryonicists through the internet.

Other cryonicists could then interface with a webcam or other devices
to determine the condition of the cryonicist in question, and possibly
take remote action to enhance cryopreservation.

Last night I gathered data via my computer and two hooked-up motion
sensors. The data gathered was quite encouraging (a max of about 45
minutes elapsed without any motion while I was asleep).

However, I have some obstacles to overcome before I can move onto the
development of the main driver programs. I have posted a complete
writeup here:

I would very much appreciate the help of any computer savvy people, as
I work many hours, and so have limited time available, but I will
continue to work on this, and will continue to post updates.

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