Re: Most US citizens are cyber-terrorists

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 11:53:54 MDT

Robert Coyote wrote:
> Could we put the millions of soccer moms that do not report, and fail to pay
> taxes on income derived from garage/yard sales in said re-edutainment camps
> to lock up these legions of wanton tax evading scofflaws?
> And remember kids, do not refresh your browser several times in a few
> minutes for the same URL/IP:port or you will attempting to commit a denial
> of service attack

so when is it that a web server's inability to supply me with a web page
itself a denial of service attack against me? I call it pure

> The entire legal system seems to be an stubborn ugly angry spitting Camel..
> A Horse, designed by a committee.

Yeah, well, horses taste better.

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