Re: Our Responsibility to Those in Need

From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 18:40:34 MDT

Re: Our Responsibility to Those in NeedOlga wrote:
... if you can give me your scenario of how you would have solved the segregation problem in
the South during the 1950s and 1960s (or earlier, dare one hope?), I'll eat my ..
  #### You hit a sore point here - despite my proclivity for free market based actions, somehow I can't derive any non-coercive way of dealing with organized, localized, entrenched pockets of arrogant nastiness - as in racist communities, states, or countries.

  #### For almost anything else I think the good way is the free market way but here I am stumped. Can somebody help?

  I never thought I would hear "I am stumped" from a libertarian. Hey, you're all right, Doc. I think the Civil Rights Movement was the "do-gooder"-Left's finest hour. You don't need any help, in my opinion - you have the capacity to learn and judge for yourself, even if it means stepping out of line. Well, I'll be a transmonkey's uncle! I never thought I'd ...

  But now that I've lived through this momentous occasion relatively intact, maybe one of these days I'll even discover that libertarians can even be a barrel of transmonkeys!


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