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Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 22:45:07 MDT

From: "Harvey Newstrom" <>
> > > My fear is that any system that destroys groups for incorrect
> > thinking will
> > > quickly turn on us!
> >
> > That doesn't sound like much to be afraid of. A system that
> > destroys groups
> > for incorrect thinking (in the extremely unlikely event that such a system
> > ever emerges) would have my full support. In fact, I'd form a group around
> > such a system.
> But who decides what is correct thinking?

When you wrote "a system" I thought you meant "a system" -- not a group of

When Galileo had his run-in with the Pope, the system that determined whose
thinking was incorrect was scientific methodology and reason. A system that
accurately identifies incorrect thinking as well as or better than
conventional science and rationalism would be the kind of system I'd support.
Or, to test if thinking is incorrect, look at its results. Incorrect thinking
is that which doesn't work. Come to think of it, we already have a system that
can identify incorrect thinking... it's called science.

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