Subject: MUSIC: re"Reality Is Leaking Again" and extropian music

From: Chikara (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 13:51:10 MDT

About E. Shaun Russell's "Reality Is Leaking Again" mp3,
<posh scenester mode>
I have a comment about drum n' bass in general: it is, like, so '95, isn'it?
</posh scenester mode>
More seriously, you are talented: this track made me think of photec
quality, what I liked best about it is the tabla-tamtam thing that sounded
like it was straight out of a roman gay disco song from '82! This to me it
is le dernier mot de chic, and it will soon be present in the work of a
couple of haute-pop designers, bravo.

In my opinion, Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) seems the closest aural
equivalent of extropy-transhumanist thinking for it reflects the cutting
edge of technological progress and boundless creativity. If you know about
this cultural object E. Shaun Russell, please excuse the redundance and
allow me to share my enthusiasm to the rest of the community.

On IDM: the quantity and quality of these releases is incredible! Can't
really dance to it, but it keeps one interested regarding to its complex
cognitive plays, innovativity, sophisticatedness, otherness aesthetic. This
scene of new electronic sounds searchers enjoy the work of extropic-at-heart
people like Autechre who are writing wares that compose their ground
breaking creative music. BTW, IDM and hemisphere sync is the perfect
background sound to do some serious reaserch :-D

This is my personnal "short best of the best the 01 summer", get yourself
morpheus at cnet Playfully
expand your mind actual new sounds of quality! They are the super-group
on earth right now.
 (my fave songs: presence, subsequence, doit) Angular and different.
 (enjoy their site,the design is very inspiring. Songs: Tell Me you love me,
Metroid, My Peach and My Pear ) lusher, fancier, he have these impossible nostalgic
anthems about loving life in a future yet to come.
(fave songs: baby m, indigo florist, rocket summer)

p.s. I suggest to listen first... and then buy if you like, usually the CD
artwork is as intelligent

Amicably, Chikara

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