Re: capitalist religion (was: NANO: _Forbes_ cover story)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 23:37:20 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote:
> Samantha Atkins wrote:
> >
> > Mike Lorrey wrote:
> > > Yet his purpose in launching the GNU was to drive his former colleagues
> > > into the ground without making a profit, thus keeping his 'hands
> > > clean'... Stallman is nobody that should be held up for respect or
> > > adulation in the open source movement. It is he who is primarily
> > > responsible for the degree of socialist ideology in OSM.
> >
> > Bullshit. There is nothing to justify this wild assertion
> > except your dim memory of some magazine article sometime in the
> > past that could have well got it very much wrong.
> Bullshit yourself, Samantha. I've specifically referenced the writer who
> made that assertion in Billboard Magazine, and he was specifically
> quoting a Stallman interview in BYTE magazine years before. For you to
> contest this, you'd have to show he never actually made that interview
> and admitted those things.

Excuse me. I was around for the initial exchange and the
specific article was never produced. If it was produced it
would still be an assertion of a writer for one magainze quoting
an interview that we have no way of checking the veracity of
from another magazine. I think any sane person would consider
that extremely thin evidence for claiming a person's primary
purpose in a long campaign for what they apparently believe in
is different from what they themselves are on record over and
over again regarding what motivates them. To say that the
second-hand opinion of jornalists makes it a matter of fact that
Stallman is motivated as you claim is very thin at best. To
baldly asserted it as simply truth is highly irresponsible.

- samantha

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