Re: Biblical transhumanism

From: Mark Walker (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 20:33:06 MDT

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> "Man born of woman is short-lived and glutted with agitation."-Job 14:1.
> So the Good Lord is telling us that extended longevity and a cool head are
> obtainable by scientific means, in children formed and brought to term
> outside the uterus. Obviously, in making this point, it is logically
> necessary to pose the alternative condition: man *not* born of woman,
> characteristics might differ (but that's not necessarily entailed). A pity
> for those of us already born of woman, but it's good news for the
> gene-engineered exo-uterine superhumans. (Inclusive grammar implies that
> this good news should also apply to women not born of woman.)
> Damien Broderick
> (Not A Registered Theologian)
How retro! A theologian who feels constrained to interpret using the bible.
No wonder you are not registered.

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