RE: Transneanderthalism (was: Extropian bodies)

From: Emlyn O'regan (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 18:35:03 MDT

Unfortunately, we are not actually descended from neanderthals as far as I
am aware; it seems consensus is that homo neandertalus and homo sapiens are
seperate offshoots from a common ancestor (homo heidelbergensis, in this
Neanderthals were an evolutionary cul-de-sac, kind of like Commodore Amigas.

Also, swapping to TransErectus could be problematic...


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> Subject: Transneanderthalism (was: Extropian bodies)
> I'd consider myself a transneanderthal but not yet a
> postneanderthal. The
> particular class of transneanderthal I currently belong to is
> "human", but
> I hope to eventually belong to a more extreme class of
> transneanderthal
> sentience. Even if I hope to someday be a postneanderthal,
> though, I have
> no intention of ever ceasing to be a transneanderthal.
> Indeed, being a
> transneanderthal is precisely what separates us from the apes
> and defines
> our identity as sentient beings. I can only see augmentations as
> continuing to improve and increase the transneanderthal status I so
> value. Some may still be mourning the loss of our
> neanderthality, but now
> that we have abandoned it I see no way out but forward. We are all
> transneanderthals now and cannot help but become even more extreme
> transneanderthals in the future.
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