Re: Rioting all over the shop, was NEWS: Genoa Riots

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Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 15:29:17 MDT

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><< On the day, no-one from the BNP turned up (the home secretary banned
>but over 1000 asian youths (Pakistani and Indian) came out and had
>a good old riot. The police tried to break it up but were overwhealmed by
>the superior numbers of the rioters. Only clever tactical skills by the
>commander of the cops allowed them to clear the streets but by that time
>riots had raged for hours and had caused a great deal of damage. >>
>My guess is, or question is, whether the youth from India were Hindu or
>because my guess in no-and therein hangs your answer, in part, to why this
>riot happened?

Your guess is right, none of the rioters were Hindu, they were all Muslims
of Pakistani origin (Mirpuri in the main to be precise). I'm not sure why
you think this helps explain it though. Generally speaking the Hindu
community here in Britain has not been involved in any of the recent
disturbances, and is highly successful economically. The youths involved in
the riots, whether Asian or White, are generally from very poor
neighbourhoods. One major cause of the tension is competition between ethnic
groups for government money - each group believes the other is getting too
much at its expense. Another is the manifold side-effects of the "war on
drugs". I don't believe the (nominal) religion of the rioters has anything
much to do with it. The primary cultural influence on many of these young
men is the subculture of gangsta rap - they wish they could be Tupac Shakur
(but alive of course!:)) Steve Davies

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