Re: Believe in God - add a decade to your life

From: Randy Smith (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 13:11:41 MDT

Zero wrote:

>But, now that I'm an atheist, much of that sort of positive energy
>is gone
>from my life. I can't believe the fairy tales anymore. But I would
>like to
>have some sort of spirituality in my life that didn't depend upon
>a lie. Since giving up on theism, I've tended toward Zen buddhist
>and practice and a sort of reverence for truth and quality ala _Zen
>and The
>Art of Motorcyle Maintenance_. This has been fairly satisfying of
>spiritual yen, but not to the same extent as being in the house of

>used to provide.

Well, I think spiritualism is a Bad  Thing. But I also think it fairly obvious that religion etc has a beneficial effect on humans.  I wish I could partake, but I am a thorough-going atheist, and all that is now lost to me. 

The zen quest for quality and truth sounds about right....



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