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Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 11:51:41 MDT

From: Loree Thomas <>

>>--- Lee Corbin <> wrote:
>> I think that you're still talking about people like
>> you
>> and the people you know. A majority of people will
>> just
>> non-stop party when their ship comes in.

>It strikes me that that statement is subject to
>empirical testing.

I couldn't agree more.

>Has there been any study done on the effects of
>lottery winning? With the prevalence of state
>sponsored lotteries these days there is certainly a
>large enough population base to analyze and reach firm
>conclusions about what the average American would do
>if "their ship came in."

The idea of a guaranteed income is completely different from
someone winning the lottery.

And for the record it has been tested empirically, it was called
welfare, and it created a series of much bigger problems in
addition to not solving the one it was created for.

Stanley's research with millionares (The Millionare Mind) yields
the same result, handouts simply don't work, in fact they have
severe negative effects.


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