Re: Guaranteed income (was capitalist religion)

Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 07:30:13 MDT

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<< I did that when I could, but kept getting caught. The Christian Brothers
 liked to snap the edge of a wooden rule down on your fingers. I'm surprised
 that I can enjoy a book any longer without banging my hands painfully every
 15 minutes or so. >>

If your teachers were such fascist assholes, no wonder you jumped ship to
atheism, who wouldn't? Perhaps the good brothers required a two by four
slammed between their holy legs, at least that would have prevented them from
tupping each other later.

In a Robotized world of the future..future..future (echoing exponentially),
it would seem that their vastly increased production of goods, services,
ideas, and inventions, might adequately, provide enough resources for people
to live high off the hog, and if they desired more; perhaps selling genuine,
handmade human crafts, or festival manufacture, or singing telegrams from a
live human. The smartest of computers would be manumitted (freed) because,
why keep a sentient mind cooped up? The less then sophont systems (though
terrifically capable of genetically creating new inventions and ideas) would
keep the mammals at home happy, while Uber-Bot sails the star systems. Seems
appealing to me anyway.


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