Amazon attempts to become a PORTAL

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 17:00:56 MDT

Their new user-generated(?) list features seem interesting:

Towards Enlightenment

Tops for futants

Mind Expanding Books

What do we really know?

Reality Shifting Books
  (I'm afraid this one may go a little towards the "unreal"...)

Must Read Before and/or While Dying

Posthuman weirdness - a guide to the future
  (actually a quite good list of required reading)

Of course going through the reviewer search list is *very*
interesting. I'm ( rated at 18362
while "Spike Jones" is rated 139551. { And in a *extraordinary*
coincidence, one "Eliezer Yudkowsky", is *also* ranked at
18362... figure the odds on that! } You gotta wonder about
that ranking algorithm... (Of course I expect this varies
in "real"-time so your results may differ).

However, this just shows that Spike needs to try spend less
time reading the extropian list and more time reading real books
and contributing reviews to Amazon... Of course blowing us both
away is "Max More" at 13656.... Now, just what plane did *he* get
off of... :-)

Now, I'm wondering why "Greg Burch" is located in Mornington,
Victoria, Australia... And there are several Tanya Jones that
"might" fit an extropian profile, but none are sufficiently doubt
resistant that I can make "case closed" assertion.

Of course you have to wonder about the "reviewer" scale, since
the #1 reviewer did/does work in library acquisitions and is
reviewing nothing but pure *fluff*!

It seems clear what one wants is relevance specific
reputation analysis (are the folks at Javien listening...).

This is a *treasure trove* of information. Fascinating to
find that Jeff Bezos read (and recommended) "The Proving
Ground: The Inside Story of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Race"
in which a few people actually people died, and the 2nd richest
individual in the world learned all about "life" and "death".
Also interesting to note that "Danny Hillis" is on his "friends"

Harvey & Lee, you should have a field days with this on the
potential privacy issues... It seems to me to be a clear
case of where I give up some privacy but accrue possibly
benefits to offset those costs.


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