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From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 10:42:40 MDT

At 06:06 AM 7/22/01 -0400, Mike wrote:

>"Mitchell, Jerry (3337)" <> wrote:
>> I really hope this doesnt get out of hand, but Im gonna try to call
>> this like I see it. Am I the only one picking up the message that men tend
>> to be more drawn to the dynamic environment of Capitalism, where women tend
>> to identify more with socialistic view? I think this may stem from some
>> genetic orgins. It seems that women tend to relate more to "security" then
>> to potential gains from risk.

I think it's important to paint the entire picture, so please allow me to
stretch the canvas. Women have been a notch up from a slave to men in many
economic political environments. In that as early as 100 years ago, women
were the property of their fathers or their husbands ("Man and wife"), they
had been trained to live off the male owner like any other animal.
Property moved from father to son, or husband to son. This could help
clarify, at least to some degree, why a some women may have felt more
comfortable with socialism. Today, is another picture. Women preferring
socialism may have a nostalgia for the past, carry a bit of animosity for
the many years in slavery, or still harbor the broad consensus that the
government owes its people - male and female - something in return for the
heavy taxation. Some have no moral issue with government grants and other
hand-outs which are not given without hard work and merit.

>And why not? The baby isn't gonna generate any profit this quarter. The
>guy who wants a family can be all the capitalist he wants, but he needs
>to give up some of his own earnings for the wife and kids.

It makes sense to me that in a partnership where both parties want a
family, that both parties work and pay equally. Producing and raising a
child is said to be one of the toughest jobs there is.

>Having to give up your own earnings to fund someone else's laziness is
>certainly unfair, and I'm sure the socialist system recipient
>acknowledges this as he/she cashes their government check.

I agree totally. If one partner (male or female) is out playing golf all
day while the other manages a high-end corporation, this is very unfair.
Unless this is the agreement of the partnership.


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