Re: NEWS: Genoa riots

From: scerir (
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 12:55:52 MDT

J Corbally wrote

>> Tens of thousands of protesters set off on a peaceful march, but a hard
>> core of about 2,000 broke away from the main procession and attacked
>> police with bottles and stones.

Yes. About 1,500 destroyers (the "Black Block") attacked police with Molotov
bottles, burned shops and banks and cars and flats, stole money and bikes.

The Black Block was hidden among other 200,000 protesters (the so called
"Genoa Social Forum"). As Mao once said: "like fishes, in the great sea".
> I think people are beginning to wonder why they feel the need to rip up
> paving stones to prove a point. Also, waving a flag with Chairman Mao on
> it generally won't endear you to the public at large.

I saw flags with Mao, Lenin, el Che Guevara, the Pope, hammer & sickle, etc.
> I get the feeling they are looking more like bored youth than a coherent
> movement. While they've listed their concerns in general, they seem to be
> short on specifics with regards to "solutions".

No solutions at all.
> Seeing one's hometown trashed with also leave a bad taste in the
> mouth. They may just have gone too far this time.

One shot dead, yesterday. About 200 injured. About 200
protesters arrested (also from CH, D, F, USA). Tomorrow
the final battle. But this is the last G-8 summit, for sure.


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