From: Robert J. Bradbury (bradbury@aeiveos.com)
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 14:08:11 MDT

Boycott ADOBE for assisting in the jailing of security
expert Dmitry Sklyarov:

(interesting how you the net can completely dis' a company in 48
hours, though it doesn't seem to have trashed the stock price (yet?))

[In case it isn't obvious to people on the list the reasons
you should be interested in this are:
  (a) the DMCA is a fundamentally flawed (freedom restricting) law
  (b) Dmitry has been imprisoned for exercising "freedom of speech"
  (c) ADOBE sold *really* poor ("closed source") software and
      deserves to get its clock cleaned.

For genomes, necessity is the mother of invention:
  "A Possible Nitrogen Crisis for Archaean Life Due to Reduced
   Nitrogen Fixation by Lightning.

@ spacedaily:
In Nature:

The Planetary Society has launched its solar sail:

And believe it or not the Space Station Air Lock *leaks*:
You would think for $150+ million they could plug all the holes.

And worth noting, what I think is the first recent memory
death(s?) in the demonstrations by the luddites (anarchists?):

I'd also post a review of Final Fantasy, but other than how
moderately "real" computer animation of humans is becoming
it would be worth anyones's time.

If you repost any of the above, you may want to change the
subject line. That will make it so much more interesting
for the Javien software to attempt to create a back-link
to the source... I can see it now --- "Bradbury jailed
for inciting felony abuse of sub-AI non-entities...".


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