Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 08:48:09 MDT

Mike Lorrey and I realized that Bostropia has been pretty dormant
since we lost Sasha, and we wanted that to change. So, if you'll
be in the Boston vicinity next month....

What: A gathering of the clan. Talk, music, Chinese food, play.

Why: After recent exuberances, particularly at EXTRO-5 and the
          Nebula Awards, I need another fix.

Who: Extropians, SF writers, cryonicists, and similar miscreants
When: Saturday, August 18, from 2 PM on.

Where: My place. Nashua, NH. (40 minutes north of Boston)

How: Spouses and SO's likely welcome but check with me first.
          I have to watch the total headcount.

           Musical instruments welcome. Let me know if you have any
          specific needs (such as electrical power or keyboard stand).

          If you have special circumstances (dietary needs, children,
          lack of transportation, coming from afar), let me know.

          If it gets late and you're far from home, there's crash space
          here and an assortment of hotels, from Motel 6 to Marriott,
          within a few miles.

          RSVP as soon as you can. However, last-minute supplications
          will be considered.

-- David Lubkin.

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