Re: Internet Banned in Afghanistan

From: Bill Douglass (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 17:22:48 MDT

I wrote:

> I'd hazard a guess that, even before this ban, there were fewer than
> internet-connected computers in all of Afghanistan, and that most of them
> belonged to NGOs (foreign Non-Governmental Organizations). Don't get me
> wrong, zero is worse than forty or fifty, and this news certainly shows
> things, as bad as they are in Afghanistan, can get even worse.

Mike Lorrey wrote:

"Are NGO's included in the ban, even if they use satellite connections of
their own?"

I would presume that NGOs are included in the ban, but can probably get
special permission to be exempt from it. That's what we did, when I was in
Syria and such places with a non-profit medical group, Orbis (the charity
with the eye hospital DC-10 aircraft.)

Actually, whether the country had an internet ban in place or not, we always
asked for permission to set up our IMARSAT satellite dish, because having a
satellite dish on the wing of our airplane was bound to look a little
suspicious! On a couple of occasions permission was not granted, but
usually it was no problem.


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