Top Quesitions About Transhumanity

Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 16:47:03 MDT

What have you been asked lately?

I've been collecting the most widely asked questions about transhumans and transhumanity recently -- from the bus driver, waiter, producer, teacher, gallery owner, executive, to folks of leisure.

We are a fluid society swimming in the constant outpouring of ideas. Our ability to encourage others' adaptation to new terms and concepts goes through high points and low points. In order to keep providing the most current and substantive info, it's essential to note the experiences of one another in this regard. The best way, for me, to get a 'finger on the pulse' is to consider the question.

I'd like to learn what you have been asked lately. What are some questions that have knocked your socks off? What are the most amusing, annoying, frightening, humorous, and substantial questions or comments you have heard or read about transhumans and/or transhumanity lately?




1. Just what is a transhuman? (substantial) (Most widely asked question.)
2. Do you dislike humans? (strange) (Asked this last night.)
3. No words, just a raised eyebrow. (alarming back then, amusing now) (Psychologist's wordless glance after I told her I was no longer human.)

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