Re: Religion, Science, Philosophy and Transhumanism

From: Mark Walker (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 14:46:48 MDT

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From: Russell Blackford <>
Do you have a
> projected date for completion of the last paper? Although I've made a
> on the theodicy paper (which is impressive), I'd like to read it all in
> hit once it's available.
Thanks for your interest! I am afraid the last paper will be quite a while
since it will eventually form part of another book. The papers I posted are
intended as the basis for the second part of a book on the ethics and nature
of transhumanism.
    BTW, how do you say 'transhumanism' in Australian? (I think we need an
abbreviation in the fine tradition of 'tinny' (can of beer), 'bikkie'
(biscuit, i.e., cookie) and 'barbie' (barbeque). I am linguistically
challenged because I am only half Australian). Mark

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